How to Keep Kids Entertained on an Aeroplane

How to Keep Kids Entertained on an Aeroplane

We are back from Florida and before we went I was really worried about trying to keep the kids entertained for 9 hours. I knew the youngest would not be able to sit and watch what Tui has to offer for the full flight. Therefore I began to ask other mums what they found kept their little one’s entertained on flights. I thought I would share what I found to work for mine. Ellie is now 4 so this is mainly aimed at under 5. But some of the ideas can be for any age.

I have used some of these before when we travelled pre pandemic and they worked a treat.

Headphones – the ones that the aeroplane supply never stay on their head or they are really uncomfortable. Therefore I picked up some from Amazon that were perfect. They come in various colours and are foldable for easy space savers.

Travel Games – I found these on Amazon and they can entertain them on/off for a while. They can also be used at the airport, long car journeys etc.

Colouring In – what kid doesn’t love colouring in. The only thing is the mess. No one wants pen on their clean holiday clothes. Therefore these Crayola Mess Free packs are idea. You can get them at in most Supermarkets etc. But I found this Minnie Mouse one on Amazon and with going to Florida was ideal for setting them theme for holiday. You can get many other characters such as Peppa Pig, Frozen, Spiderman, Paw Patrol etc.

Digital Entertainment – We also brought her tablet with us and downloaded from programmes on to her Kids SkyGo app. This was a lifesaver as TUI didn’t really have any films or programmes that she was interested in.

Snacks – I made up a bag of snacks for the kids especially so they had something to chew for take off and landing. I put some Haribo, raisins, pack of mini cookies and crisps in. I didn’t want to take any fruit as some countries don’t let you enter with fruit if they didn’t finish it.

Lastly I found a small clear bag that is probably about a toiletries bag size and let Ellie put toys in this. It meant that she didn’t take too many and nothing too big. She took some mini Disney Princesses and some of her Sylvanian Families.

I hope this helps some of you travelling. I would love to hear how you keep your little one’s entertained. Add your top tips to the comments. We can help fellow parents/carers together.

Remember to Pin this so you have it to look back on when you are planning how to keep your little one’s entertained.

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