Lockdown Bucket List

I constantly keep thinking about what I want to do when lockdown is over but rather than getting myself down about how long it is going to get there I have decided to change my mindset about what I want to achieve during lockdown. It’s a time to do something’s that we wouldn’t usually do.

Some of the things I’ve chosen are things that can be done any time but let’s face it we don’t make the same time when we are living our “normal lives”.

Read 8 books by the end of May
Me and some friends have started a book club and I’m really enjoying reading books that I personally probably wouldn’t choose to read. I also have 2 books sitting of my own I have added to my list to read. I have listed below if anyone is looking for something new to read. So far we have read:

  • The Keeper – Graham Norton
  • The Longest Holiday – Paige Toon
  • The Couple Next Door – Shari Lapena

Coming up and on my own list we have:

  • The Witcher (part of a new tv series)
  • Christmas Shopaholic
  • The Mum Who Got Her Life Back
  • The Cornershop of Cocklebay
  • The Tattooist of Auschwitz

Try one of my grandmas recipes each week

Like most grandmothers my grandma was the best baker and most of it came from memory she didn’t need a recipe to follow. She gave me the family bible (her recipe book) last year as I wanted to make her truffles and there is so much in it that i used to help her make so I am tasking myself as never being as good as her but trying my best to make some of her specialties and taking some over for her to criticise and tell me I am missing something that is no doubt a secret ingredient ha ha.

Harry Potter Escape Room

I’ve always wanted to go to an escape room but never had the time to chance to go so when I came across this online I thought perfect. So date night on Saturday night is to a Harry Potter Escape room.

Sort out the wardrobes

This has been a task I have been meaning to do for a long time. I can not wait to actually get into my wardrobe and re-arrange. Pinterest has so many good ideas of how to organise and rearrange.

Put all unplayed with toys away

Every now and I put the odd broken toy in the bin or put some to charity. However it still looks like a toy shop is set up in our house. So I have plastic boxes ordered to put toys away that Ellie may play with and will put some that are charity worthy away for after this to drop them off when I can.

Arrange a zoom night playing Cards Against Humanity

I have found this site online and we can all play this online together. We love playing this actual game and who knows the next time we can do this so next weekend is sorted ha ha. Find the link here for you to play.

Build our very own corona free Lego City

I think I am more excited about this than Stephen is ha ha. Stephen has so much Lego and won’t play with it on his own so I have set aside time so we can do this. Also gives us a chance to see if any parts of sets are missing and put them away in sets (sorting in the process).

Finish my grans Memory Book

My gran will be in a care home due to her dementia for a year in June and we have been trying to sort out a memory book of her life with pictures of her past and present in it and some of the things she used to enjoy to do in life. With life always being so busy I am going to get this finished so that we can drop it off (since we aren’t allowed in) this will give the carers something to discuss with her and a chance to see some familiar things. May that be the past or present.

I would love to hear what you would like to achieve during the lockdown. Leave in the comments something you would like to achieve.

L x

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