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Start your own "Boredom Jar"

With the kids being at home for longer than usual my Boredom Jar will be used a little more than normal I can predict. I made this for last years school summer holidays and thought I would share with other mum and dads so that they can use when we hear the famous phase “I’m Bored”!

We have lots of different activities in here, some are simple things like play the computer for a set amount of time or watch a DVD. But there is also lots of different crafts, baking and construction ideas.

You can edit the activities to suit your little ones interests and ages. It doesn’t work with my 1 year old as she will just do what she wants however my cousin uses it with her 3 year old and it works. So recommended ages can be from 3 but you can use it right up to teenagers or if you want to you can make an adult version….topic is completely your choice for adult version ha ha!

These were printed off on coloured paper to make it look pretty more than anything. However you could put your tasks into categories and print different ones on the same colour such as:

  • Baking on yellow
  • Crafts on pink
  • More chilled out task on pink

This could help you be a little more prepared by getting them to pick a pink activtiy etc. I tend to have most stuff in on the off chance a craft task is picked.

Some activities are in there more than once like reading, DVD, drawing, Lego as these are more popular activities so if they are getting what they like to do a bit more often the boredom jar I have found isn’t as much of a boredom jar anymore and is referred to the fun jar.

I have also inserted the “dreaded” purple ones that have basic chores on them that we pick something once every couple of days to get them helping around the house a bit.

For the boredom jar you could also use coloured lolly pop sticks. This could be an activity in its self to make them up.

Why not ask your little one to help you make it, think or activities or even cutting the activities up and then they will be drawn to it more as they got to help.

Resources Needed to make the jar:

  • Masonry Jar
  • Coloured Paper
  • Printer to print off activities
  • Scissors

Attached is my list of activities in PDF format. I have left some black squares so you can add your own ones in. If you are unable to download these do not hesitate to contact me at and I will send these on as a word version.

Instagram handle @mumstalklb to follow for some parenting and lifestyle topics

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